Spaceman (Outer Space Remixes)


Hardwell’s Spaceman has been destroying the dancefloors worldwide over the past three months. With the infectious lead theme unexpectedly dropping two chords and turning into the electro influenced Hardwell bassline, a sure shot for giving the crowd that boost of energy jetting them into space!

‘Spaceman’ now comes back to earth with a package of Outer Space Remixes. All remixes in different genres which will still capture the infectious sounds of Spaceman adjusted to their genre.

First up is Headhunterz Remix, the worlds leading Hardstyle DJ from Holland. He turns this into a raw stomping beast and floating basslines. Adding new lyrics which sets the mood of the track. After the second break accelerating to a higher pace. This has been a Hardwell favourite for weeks, closing down his sets with a bang!

Second is ‘Drown The Fish’ on the remix with his Dubstep interpretation. Adding those typical darker sounds and making use of the lead theme perfectly.

The package is completed by Naffz Remix in Moombahton style, Dutch upcoming producer lowers the tempo, adds some cathy snare drum loops and makes this one special mix for the long summer nights.